Promotions and Give Aways

For starters — we will be giving away 40 books as part of the World Book Give Away Promotion.

On April 23, 2012, fifty-thousand volunteers across the nation will give away one million paperback books as part of World Book Night.

The mission of World Book Night is to spread the love of reading to light or non-readers, for whatever reasons, including economic or location constraints. The ultimate audience is not a regular bookstore or library customer. Giving away books is meant to be a focused, one-to-one person-and-book interaction. In fact, while individual booksellers and librarians are encouraged to volunteer to give books away, the giveaway cannot be done in a library or bookstore.

Authors have waived royalties on the WBN special editions of their works. The publishing and book community has arranged for over a million dollars’ worth of donated paper, printing and shipping in support of the million book giveaway, and have also donated more than one million dollars worth of volunteer time to the venture.

“With thirty titles available, there is surely a book for everyone, including reluctant readers,” added Keri Rojas, general manager of Cornerstone Cottage Kids.

World Book Night U.S. is a non-profit organization comprised of publishers, distributors and retailers. WBN’s sole mission is to get free books into the hands of people who may not be regular readers.

April 23 is the UNESCO International Day of the Book, chosen in honor of Shakespeare and Cervantes who both died on April 23 1616 (and it was also Shakespeare’s birthday).

#tweetsmart author J.S. McDougall has also sent us ten books to give away!  This book will show you 25 twitter projects to help you build your community.