About #140conf Des Moines

The #140conf events – originally conceived and curated by Jeff Pulver – provide a platform for the worldwide twitter community to: listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, #140conf events were produced by 140 Conference Events and were curated by Jeff Pulver. In an attempt to help expand the #140conf experience beyond Jeff’s ability to travel and produce events, in 2011 #140conf LOCAL was introduced. Going forward events will continue to be created / produced / hosted / curated by #140conf events, as well by groups of people who qualify to create a #140conf LOCAL event of their own.

#140conf Des Moines is being organized by:

Deb Brown @debworks

I was born and raised in Franklin County Iowa.  Luther College educated me and I lived in Chicago for many years.  My children and grandchildren are still in Chicago.  I’ve worked as an insurance underwriter, a retail management professional, salesperson, a teacher and a writer. I returned home to Iowa to care for my elderly parents.

Much to my surprise, the Iowa I remembered was so much more than just a place to raise pigs. Franklin County has a rich prairie heritage, is loaded with historical sites and treasures, welcoming neighbors and good old fashioned entrepreneurial spirit.

It was the perfect place to begin Debworks – combining many years of experience in various fields into my own business.  It’s been said that I’m a connector.  I like to meet people, help assess their business needs and help when I can and introduce them to others when I can’t.

I’m a fan of the local business, support non-profit organizations in my community and work hard to give back.  Jeff Pulver is a friend and I had the pleasure of speaking at the 140 Conference in Hutchinson Kansas.  We got to talking, I told him we needed one in Iowa and Jeff said “make it happen.”  So I did.  We are now planning our second event – the State of Now – in Des Moines.